☐ 2-hr Talent Synergy Experience (TSE) –           Lindsy & Anthony   

Ages 16+ – Saturdays 9-11am

TSE is a one-of-a-kind workshop that focuses on the empowerment and growth of your individual talents.  Each week we mold the trainings to fit you as an individual and provide you with resources, techniques and feedback about your skills and how they are developing and how you can develop them more.  Synergy can be explained as a metric of change that is arbitrary, so long as the result is generally considered greater.  Meaning, each week you become more aware of who you are and what you can become than the last week.  Each class you develop a greater sense of self-awareness and each class you realize the talent you can become exists and the path to get you to your goals is unraveling before your eyes.


☐ 1-hr Photomovement –            Lindsy Ray    

All Ages – Saturdays 11am-12pm

Photomovement allows you to build your modeling and acting portfolios over time while working and auditioning.  You can develop a clean portfolio designed for your upcoming roles and overall “brand” as a performer without struggling to get a friend to take your picture.  Each class you will bring your own attire and work with a photographer based on the image you need or would like in your portfolio.  We offer personal feedback and instruction.  You will develop 10 individual photographs for your portfolio and receive feedback that will help you learn what angles and poses work best for your looks.  We designed this class to help you LEARN what makes a great portfolio and help you get the images you need for each audition so you get started the right way.  Students receive a portfolio book, 10 digital prints, and CD of final 10 high resolution images.


☐ 2-hr Improv –      Philip Jacobson        

Ages 14+ – Saturdays 12-2pm

Improv is fun, fast-paced, and challenging.  He is a great teacher who pinpoints what you need to work on and then helps you to improve in that specific area.  This class will help you improve the range of characters you can portray, your ability to act and react spontaneously at interviews, meetings, auditions, introductions, on stage and in film, as well as make you feel more confident in unfamiliar situations.  You need Improv classes.  You will play various Improv games and get individual attention.  You will also become more comfortable with being spontaneous and see visible improvement in your ability to react.  No boring lectures, just straight talk about what will help you the most.


☐ 1-hr Meditation –  Anthony Rubbo        

All ages 13+ – Sundays 10-11am

The purpose of our Meditation workshops is to inspire actors, models and performing artists to develop the subtle power and focus that underlies all great performances. Going beyond the mind and its mediocrity, we go directly to the heart and soul to transcend self-imposed limitations, and reveal the actor’s ultimate truth and the model’s pure inspiration. Shakespeare said it, “All the world’s a stage.” And so we begin there, discovering the ‘role’ we are already playing in our own lives. And then we find the true actor within. When this is fully experienced, we can then adopt other roles with surprising results. And so, we go to our very core from which our deepest creativity originates, and then we create in a new way, and experience and exude natural charisma and stage presence through the characters we ‘live’.


☐ 1-hr Hybrid Defense – Prashant          

(ages 13-18) – Sundays 9-10am         (ages 16+) – Sundays 11-12pm

Hybrid Defense is a combination class of martial arts for fitness, stress release, and self-defense.  Along with the physical and practical benefits of the techniques, this program goes over mental practices for everyday awareness and protection. These practices will change the way you perceive your surroundings. You will also promote self-confidence that can be carried into all parts of life including your acting and modeling careers.  It is also a fun, social way to get a sweat and practice for your next audition in action.  You will receive hands on training to benefit from the HD workout, realistic self-defense techniques, stress release and a unique way to unwind from a long week of rehearsals, work and auditions.


☐  Art of It All Program 1 – 15 workshops thru 12/31/14

☐  Art of It All Program 2 – 20 workshops thru 12/31/14

A combination of Improv, Meditation, Photomovement, Hybrid Defense, and Talent Synergy Experience.  You can split your 10 workshop credits between any of the following classes, allowing you to gain experience in a variety of atmospheres and with multiple teachers.  Developing yourself and your craft is time consuming and adds up quickly.  With the Art of It All Program, you have the best of everything and the convenience to choose when/what you attend!  This program is designed for those who are pursuing their dream career in entertainment and/or those who seek a greater self-awareness and achievement.

RSVP:  *Subject: “Class #, Your Name, Phone #”
A parent/guardian must accompany any minor under the age of 18.
Class will skip if a holiday falls on the same day.
You must RSVP by emailing us and submitting payment early so that if we need to make adjustments to the class we can notify you ahead of time so you don’t travel to class for no reason.

Thank you!

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